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Gomel city Military Commissariat accuses the BCD member Jauhen Jakavenka in evasion of military service.


Jauhen Jakavenka was detained by the riot police at the street in Gomel and forcibly taken to the city Military Commissariat, where he was accused in attempt to avoid the military service.


I was on the way to see a friend of mine. It turned out that it was our mistake to tell the concrete time and place of our meeting on the phone, as our telephones are most likely to be wiretapped. Suddenly I was caught by the people wearing the riot police uniform. They did not explain me anything and did not introduce themselves, just took me to the Military Commissariat, where the last year’s story repeated.

Jauhen was forcibly taken to the Military Commissariat in the end of last year. The representatives of the Military Commissariat explained that Jauhen was avoiding the military draft procedures. The young man stated he had not received any call papers. The officials decided to give him the call paper just at the spot and wrote it in Russian. However, the activist demanded that all the administration with regard to him should be conducted in Belarusian. The officials refused to fulfill this constitutional right. Then Jauhen filed an application for alternative non-military service prescribed by the Article 57 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. 


The Military Commissariat responded that such alternative service is not prescribed by the Order of the President on the military draft of January-February 2010.


The nearly 25-year-old activist filed another application with a request to grant him alternative non-military service in the beginning of January. Soon after that the authorities started to harass him using physical force.


“When they drove me to the Military Commissariat for the second time I told them I would sign the call paper only in Belarusian and declared my position with regard to the alternative non-military service once again. After they released me I filed a claim to the Savetski department of internal affairs with a request to conduct investigation and initiate a criminal case on the fact of my kidnapping by unknown people. I still do not know the people who brought me to the Military Commissariat. If I receive a formal response, that they were policemen, who did introduce themselves, and it was me who did not notice that, I will file a claim to the public prosecutor’s office.”


“The Military Commissariat is now in a very difficult situation as they do not know what to do with me and my application for an alternative non-military service. The Constitution grants the right for an alternative service for 19 years already, however, the Military Commissariats cannot practice it because the Parliament has not approved the corresponding Law. I think they just want to send me to the army as soon as possible, as they did in the case of Andrus Tsianiuta.”


The leader of Gomel organization of the BCD Kanstantsin Zhukouski informed in his interview to the Radio Liberty, that Jakavenka is the third political draftee in Gomel who is harassed for his wish to substitute the army with an alternative non-military service.


«There are a lot of young people in Gomel who are willing to pay their civic duty; however, they want an alternative non-military service – the right, granted by the Constitution. Nevertheless, the Military Commissariats, Military Draft Committees, deputies and officials responsible for such cases do not take any measures to introduce the Law on alternative non-military service».


Jauhen Jakavenka is convinced that the authorities are obliged to provide him a suspension from the military service if they cannot provide an alternative.


I can wait until the necessary Law is introduced”.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy


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