Its Christians duty to be active in politics Dutch politician

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Its Christians duty to be active in politics  Dutch politician
Christians not just can be involved in political activity, but they should be involved in it. That is what Wilco Kodde, international secretary of the Reformed Political Party Youth (SGPJ; Netherlands), told

We as Christians should give the God given message, which is in the Bible, to the world. We can also find in the Bible the guideline how we could organize the public area. We have to use Christian values in politics to provide good structure of the society. And without Christian values there couldnt be a good country at all. And if any country leaves Christian values they are going in a wrong way. And that is what happening still in 2016. So that is why Christians should be very active in politics. Its our duty, he said.

According to him, Christians should obey authorities but only as long as they are not acting against the Gods will.

Meanwhile its our duty to be influential in every part of a society and every part of life. And the political area could be one of the best ways to act for Christians because that is how they can influence the society as a whole, Wilco Kodde emphasized.

Its important to have politicians guided with Biblical values - Norwegian politician


The aim for Christians to participate in political activity is to create a good life for everyone, Mathias Ottesen, international secretary of the Norwegian Young Christian Democrats (KrFU), told Jesus was a real political figure in the way he spoke to the establishment about how things should be, he said.

I think its really important to have politicians who are guided with the Biblical values. And its important to have those values in politics. I think that creates a common good for the society. Not only Christians can vote for Christian party, because Christian values, I think, are good for everyone. Christian values is a way of constructing your life and the life of the society, Mathias Ottesen underlined.

Meanwhile he said that now it became difficult to explain something saying that God wants that. That is not a good political argument. It creates a huge wall between those who believe and those who dont believe. Some years ago there was a huge debate in Norway about whether supermarkets should be opened on Sundays or not. And I think they should not. And we couldnt argue that it was written in the Bible. And we argued in following way: do we really need the supermarkets to be opened on Sundays or should we spend more time with our families? Thats the way of arguing, KrFU international secretary said.

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