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On February 9, 2010 Jauhen received a phone call from the district police officer V.I. Chuchvaha. He demanded that Jauhen should come to the court on February 11, 2010 at 2 p.m. The policeman stated that the activist had been avoiding the military draft. However, Jauhen Jakavenka did not receive any call papers.


 “I am surprised with such an accusation. I came to the military commissariat by myself on February 2, 2010 – together with Kastus Zhukouski, who can be a witness- and demanded that they should give me a call paper in Belarusian language. They refused. Then I filed a complaint, in which I requested they should interact with me in Belarusian and fulfill my constitutional right for alternative service. The complaint was registered,”- informed the youth activist.


We remind herewith, that Jauhen Jakavenka has been followed by the KGB men before.


Jauhen was first forcibly taken to the Military Commissariat in the end of last year. The representatives of the Military Commissariat explained that Jauhen was avoiding the military draft procedures. The young man stated he had not received any call papers. The officials decided to give him the call paper just at the spot and wrote it in Russian. However, the activist demanded that all the administration with regard to him should be conducted in Belarusian. The officials refused to fulfill this constitutional right. Then Jauhen filed an application for alternative non-military service prescribed by the Article 57 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus.  


The Military Commissariat responded that such alternative service is not prescribed by the Order of the President on the military draft of January-February 2010.


The story repeated on January 14, 2010. Jauhen Jakavenka was detained by unknown people in camouflage, who did not declare their names neither showed any documents. They put an arm lock on the activist, threw him into a car and drove to the city military commissariat. The representatives of the military commissariat accused him again in avoiding the military draft, but they refused to give him the call paper in Belarusian again.


We invite everyone to come to the court trial and support Jauhen Jakavenka. The court trial will take place in Savetski Court of Gomel, 2-5, on February 11, 2010 at 2.30 p.m. 


Contact: +375 29 7 36 78 15


According toHuman Rights Center of the BCD

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