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The list was presented on February 18, 2010 during the press-conference of the party which took place at the office of the Belarusian Popular Front. The leaders of the BCD Paval Sieviarynets, Vital Rymasheuski and Alaksiej Shein, as well as the leader of the Young Christian Democrats Lyubou Kameneva, participated in the conference. 


Among the potential candidates of the party there are the Co-Chairmen of the BCD Alaksiej Shein and Heorhi Dzmitruk, the leader of Magileu regional organization of the BCD Taisia Kabanchuk, the leader of Grodna regional organization of the BCD Mikalai Bausyuk, the Executive Secretary of the party Dzianis Sadouski, the leader of Gomel city organization of the BCD Kastus Zhukouski


According to Paval Sieviarynets, the BCD planned to nominate nearly 300 candidates for deputies. However, recent weeks were the time of mass pressure on the possible candidates. As a result of this pressure dozens of Christian democrats had to give up their plans to participate in the elections.


The local elections are the first BCD campaign of the national level. It’s not even a year since the first Founding Congress of the BCD, and the party already participates in the political campaign all over Belarus, works at the districts which cover 3 million Belarusian voters (nearly 45% of the whole quantity of voters). 


The BCD will be able to realize the hope of Belarusians, who are waiting for a new political force, which would become an alternative to the current regime”.

The BCD is the only challenge for the regime that cannot be answered by Lukashenka. He can answer to economic and geopolitical challenges, to the issues of independence, but he cannot answer to the issues of morality. 

Belarusian regime cannot stop lying. 

Belarusian regime cannot stop stealing. The authority is based on the fact that some officials steal, and the other know it and rule them by blackmailing.  

Belarusian regime cannot stop intimidating people. The heart and the essence of the BCD campaign – moral Christian values at the level, where people live. Not just social issues, not just everyday problems are in the center of attention of a BCD candidate, but protection of image and likeness of God in every person.


Today’s regime despises the citizen of Belarus. It has no respect for Belarusian people, lies to them, steals from them. The most important thing to us is to protect our people, to give them hope that there can be Christian culture, and Christian society, and Christian politics, in the country with thousand years of Christian history”, - said Paval Sieviarynets. 


Paval Sieviarynets will be included in more than 100 initiative groups throughout the country and will help the BCD candidates to collect signatures. 


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy


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