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The BCD activists Ales Halavan and Valer Ramanenka were detained in Vitsebsk on January 15, 2010 in the day-time and brought to the Pershamajski district of internal affairs. Halavan was detained hear the health center where he was heading because he had pneumonia at the time. Ramanenka was detained near his house. The police confiscated 4 white-red-white flags from the activists. The policemen also stated that Ramanenka screamed “Long Live Belarus!” when they were trying to detain him. In the end, the youngsters were accused in being in the public place under the influence of alcohol in order to avoid the political meaning of the case.


The activists spent 3 days in the detention center before the court trial, and demanded they needed lawyers at the trial. The court hearing was postponed till February 02, 2010. However, Ales Halavan could not attend the trial at that day as he was taking an exam in the University of Warsaw. He informed the judge about it in due course. The court trial on his case was postponed till uncertain time. In the end, the court hearing was conducted without the activist; he was not even informed about the date of trial. Now Halavan is to spend 3 more days in the detention center.


The activists consider their detentions were connected with the fact they are good acquaintances of Siarhei Kavalenka, the activist of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, who put the white-red-white flag onto the top of the city Christmas tree and who is now under the criminal investigation. After that case, the authorities started to arrest and search the houses of the opposition activists in Vitsebsk. 


According to - Charter-97


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