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According to the leader of Vitsebsk city organization of the BCD Tatsiana Sieviarynets, Christian democrats suggested that the authorities should introduce the age limit of 21 years with regard to sale and use of alcohol, to limit sale of tobacco products and to increase the adverse publicity of such goods. Christian democrats also suggested introduction of the legal norm, according to which a doctor can refuse to commit abortions due to religious convictions.  


The House of Representatives promised to take the suggestions of the BCD into consideration during enactment of the corresponding legislative projects in the framework of the plan of legislative activity, approved by the Head of the State.


The response is signed by the Head of the Commission on protection of health, physical culture, youth and family affairs and says the following: “This year we are planning to consider a series of legislative projects with an aim to decrease use of tobacco among the youth and decrease the sales volumes of tobacco products, as well as to increase struggling with alcoholism”. Namely, it is planned to amend the law on state regulation of production and sale of alcoholic beverages and ethylene, the law on advertising and many others. The suggestions of the Christian democrats will be taken into account.


As for the abortions issue, “The commission shares your opinion about the importance of this problem”. However, according to legislation, a doctor has no right to refuse to help a sick person (thus, according to the legislation, a woman who wants to get rid of her child is sick). the House of Representatives is sure, that one should think about the religious and ethic convictions before choosing the profession of a doctor..


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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