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The member of the Belarusian Christian Democracy from Gomel Jauhen Jakavenka received a phone call on his mobile from the district police officer Mr. Chuchvaha. The latter informed that the activist was supposed to come to the police department “to give explanations with regard to his military draft. Jauhen promised to come only if he received a call paper in due course. The police officer asked, in which language the activist wished the call paper to be. Jauhen answered, naturally, in Belarusian.


We remind herewith, that on February 11, 2010 the court of Savetski district of Gomel considered Jauhen Jakavenka  guilty in not coming to the military commissariat with no justified reasons and fined him for 175 000 roubles. 


The draftee was accused in not coming to the military commissariat according to the call paper on December 29, 2009 in order to go through the medical examination. The protocol was issued on January 14, 2010.


Jakavenka stated in court, that he was brought to the administrative responsibility illegally as he was accused in not coming to the commissariat upon the call paper which he never received. The activist informed that he was forcibly taken to the military commissariat by the police twice without any legal grounds. To prove his innocence, Jauhen Jakavenka explained that he filed many complaints and applications to the military commissariat, in which he explained that he was not avoiding the military draft, but asked to conduct interaction with him in Belarusian. The draftee also requested to be provided an opportunity for an alternative non-military service. He stated that he could not come to the military commissariat because he had no call paper, and he refused to take the paper directly in the commissariat because they refused to issue it in Belarusian.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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