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The official mission of the European Parliament meets with the representatives of the official authorities, civic society and the opposition on February 25-27 in order to organize political consultations on the format of participation of Belarus in the Parliamentary  Assembly of the EU “Eastern Partnership” (Euronest).


The mission consists of the Head of the delegation of the European Parliament in the Euronest, socialist Kristian Vigenin (Bulgaria); socialist Justas Paleckis (Lithuania) – the reporter on the situation in Belarus in the international commission of the European Parliament; the member of the Liberal fraction, the Head of the delegation on Belarus Jacek Protasiewicz (Poland) and Heidi Hautala (Finland), the member of the Green party, who heads the subcommission on human rights. 


Before meeting with the opposition, the members of the European Parliament met with the heads of commissions of the Council of Republic Nina Mazaj and the House of Representatives Siarhei Maskevich at the neutral territory – the National Library. The mission suggested the compromise variant known before – 5 observers from the opposition plus 5 representatives of the Belarusian Parliament. However, this suggestion was not accepted by the authorities.


Instead of this, according to Vital Rymasheuski, the delegation was given a letter signed by the Heads of the parliaments of all the Eastern countries included into the program “Eastern Partnership”, asking to include the Belarusian MP’s into the Euronest.

In addition to the above, the authorities suggested the following variant: 10 representatives of the parliament with full status and 10 representatives of the opposition with the status of observers.


This variant is totally unacceptable for us, it’s a capitulation before the dictatorship”, - stated all the participants of the meeting.


The official mission of the EU assured the representatives of the opposition that they would be included into the Euronest in any case. The format of the participation is under discussion yet. The decision on the squad of the Belarusian delegation in the Euronest will be taken upon the report about the results of the visit to Minsk.

According to Vital Rymasheuski, the yesterday meeting also included discussion of the issues of the EU’s strategy with regard to Belarus in the current conditions. 


There was a fairly sincere conversation. To my opinion, everyone was convinced that the process of repressions against all the independent organizations, such as the Union of Writers of Belarus, the church “New Life”, the Union of Poles in Belarus, was started in our country. Lukashenka’s regime intends to destroy all the independent communities in view of the upcoming election. Our interlocutors agreed with that”, - stated the Co-Chairman of the BCD. 


The representatives of the European delegation asked the Belarusian opposition to help to elaborate the sole strategy of the EU with regard to Belarus. The parties agreed to cooperate on this issue.


I declared the clear position of the Belarusian Christian Democracy that the European Parliament should in no case acknowledge the Belarusian parliament and work with it as with an equal structure. Legitimizing of the parliament will motivate the Belarusian authorities not to conduct the fair elections at all”, - said Vital Rymasheuski.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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