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The meeting lasted for half an hour, the speeches were given by the Co-Chairmen of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski and Alaksiej Shein, the Chairman of the BPF party Aliaksej Janukevich, the activist of the movement “For Freedom!” Ales Lahvinets. The speakers had to use an ordinary megaphone as all the sound equipment was arrested. Alaksiej Shein appealed for everyone to stand in a line across the avenue holding flags, as it was last year. More than 100 BCD members were at the action, including the leader of the BCD Paval Sieviarynets, the Executive Secretary of the party Dzianis Sadouski, and others. Nearly 25 BCD flags flew in the air.


 Before the rally, the Head of Minsk police Leanid Farmagey informed the people that there were “destructively minded elements from another state. We haven’t found them yet”. According to Farmagey, these elements were going to make a provocation like the one that happened on July 3, 2008. "In this case, - stated the head of Minsk police, - the whole responsibility falls on you as the organizers of the event.”
After the meeting the protesters formed a human chain along the avenue.
Then a couple of hundred people moved toward the center from the Academy of Sciences, chanting "Long Live Belarus". The traffic police made sure they did not go on the road. The procession reached the Piatra Brovki Street, where they faced a chain of riot policemen. Some young people broke through the chain. All the rest were pushed back by the riot police. The action ended at around 19:30. There is no information about the detentions.

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