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Valeryja Charnamortsava and Lyubou Kameneva went to the square near the Belarusian State Philharmonic Hall with posters and leaflets, and recited the poems of Larysa Heniush to people passing by.

Valeryja Charnamortsava: “First of all it has been a pre-electoral picket. However, it’s not an ordinary day today: it’s Easter week, Orthodox Christians celebrate Annunciation Day and it’s the anniversary of the day when Larysa Heniush died. That was the reason we conducted such a picket, to tell the people about this outstanding woman: a poet, a Christian, a patriot. We would like to be like her in a way, to be her confidants. That is why we came here today to recite her poems”.

The people reacted positively. It turned out that there are a lot of people who respected and appreciated Larysa Heniush and her poetry in the center of Minsk. Those who did not know the poet were given informational leaflets and invitations to the concert dedicated to her memory.


In the end of the picket the representatives of the law enforcement agencies approached the participants of the picket, looked through the candidates’ information, made some notes and asked who Larysa Heniush was and at which district she was running as candidate for deputy.


Photo:  http://represii-by.info

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