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Several members of the BCD from Vitsebsk have prepared an official appeal of local residents to the town authorities demanding to knock down an old building in the city centre whose awful condition is a threat to passers-by. These BCD activists have urged the local authorities to resolve this problem.


Let us remind that the campaigners have prepared an appeal to the authorities demanding to knock down the former palace of culture in the city centre which has been in an incredibly poor condition for over 10 years and to build a modern children playground in its place. The appeal, signed by 104 residents, was submitted to Vitsebsk city executive committee on 18 May by Tatsyana Sieviarynets, the leader of Vitsebsk branch of the BCD. Moreover, some copies were sent to Vitsebsk council of deputies and the major state-owned newspapers.


A week later the city executive committee entrusted Ms Sieviarynets, the initiator of the appeal, with arranging a meeting of all the people who are dissatisfied with the dangerous condition of the building.


The meeting took place on 2 June. It was attended by tens of local residents, a representative of “Kravira” company which will supervise the future construction, by architect Ruslan Lyadenka who is the author of the project and Marharyta Pasyutsina, head of the department of municipal economy in the city executive committee.


The participants of the meeting decided to set up a special group that will monitor work at the site. The group consists of Tatsyana Sieviarynets and two local residents.


The authorities promised to erect a fence round the building within two weeks. According to the project a four-storey business and culture complex as well as a 23-storey apartment block will have been built by the end of 2011. The project also includes constructing a children playground here.


Tatsyana Sieviarynets said that Ms Pasyutsina was thankful to her for urging the authorities to solve this annoying problem. However, the BCD activist realizes that the authorities started doing something on the eve of the presidential elections for the purpose of improving their reputation. They are also trying to steal and exploit some good initiatives which belong to the active national deputies representing the BCD.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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