Hrodna regional Council of national deputies is established

10.06.2010 01:04  |  English » News

Hrodna regional Council of national deputies has been created. It consists of former candidates from the BCD who stood for deputies in the regional elections. These are the politicians who actually outvoted their rivals and won the elections but did not become official deputies due to election fraud.


The Council is an alternative organization representing the interests of the population, not authorities. These are the members of the Council: Mikalai Bausyuk and Yauhen Patsevich from Hrodna, Vadzim Barouski from Lida, Zmitser Kuhlei from Masty, Barys Kuchynski and Ivan Bedka from Slonim, Anatol Brysh and Viktar Piatselchyc from Svislach. And there are some others.


Mikalai Bausyik, leader of the BCD’s branch in Hrodna, also says that they are currently negotiating with the representatives of other political parties and non-governmental organizations from the Hrodna region who are willing to join the Council.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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