Deputy from BCD works closely with local residents

11.06.2010 04:32  |  English » News

Zhana Shcharbinina is a teacher and an official deputy from the BCD who works in the Ausyanka village council in the Mahilyou region. She has prepared special questionnaires for her voters.


This week she is going round Ausyanka village as well as some neighbouring villages, visiting local residents and asking them to complete her questionnaires, writing down everything they demand of the local authorities.


“People should tell me about their most topical problems, then I will see what needs to be done in the first instance”. Zhana Shcharbinina told the press-centre of the BCD.


 In addition to that, the deputy is preparing a campaign to collect signatures against building a enormous pig farm breeding 22 thousand animals near the village. According to the plan, the construction starts this year.  


“On the one hand, such a big farm will surely create a lot of jobs which is hugely important for local residents. But on the other hand, we need to find out whether locating the farm so close to people’s homes meets ecological norms. We will probably have to insist on relocating the construction to another site”.


 Zhana Shcharbinina is going to consult with lawyers and ecologists in order to study all of the aspects and details of this issue.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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