G. Dzmitruk: Andrius Kubilius has been told about Belarusian political prisoners

29.06.2010 02:16  |  English » News

On 28 June Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius had a meeting with some Belarusian public figures and representatives of the opposition.


The Premier arrived in Minsk for a one-day visit for the purpose of discussing a number of issues including the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus.


During the meeting the Belarusian Christian Democracy was represented by the party’s co-chairman Heorhi Dzmitruk.  


“The meeting lasted more than an hour and we were on the same wavelength. Mr Kubilius is well aware of the situation in Belarus, he knows about the campaigns, run by various political forces in our country. He was asking us specific questions and sharing with us his ideas on a variety of issues”. Says Heorhi Dzmitruk.


According to Mr Dzmitruk’s, the Lithuanian Prime Minister is deeply interested in our country’s political situation and the process of appointing the sole democratic presidential candidate.


Andrius Kubilius was told about the regime’s political repressions which have intensified recently. In particular, he was informed about the current political prisoners, including two activists of the BCD, namely Yauhen Yakavenka and Aleh Surhan.


The Premier remarked that there was a certain progress in cooperation between Lithuania and Belarus in terms of business activities. But the Belarusians warned him that the present policy of assisting Lithuanian companies in Belarus may be temporary. “Today they are favouring Lithuanian businesses, but tomorrow your entrepreneurs could face sanctions and their property could be seized”.


Summarizing Mr Kubilius’s words, Heorhi Dzmitruk says that the European Union is now trying to work out a single strategy in dealing with Lukashenko’s regime and, therefore, is seeking “a appropriate intermediary to negotiate with it”.


Also, Andrius Kubilius, joined by Belarusian Prime Minister Syarhei Sidorski, took part in the ceremony of opening a building and home improvement hypermarket named Oma, which was constructed thanks to Lithuanian investments.


Mr Kubilius also met with Alexander Lukashenko.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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