Road in Glybokaye under repair thanks to national deputys appeal

01.07.2010 00:50  |  English » News

Road works started in the town of Glybokaye following Zmitser Lupach’s appeal to the local authorities, which had been signed by 53 local residents. This national deputy from the BCD along with his team collected those signatures in May and then submitted them to the local executive committee.


According to Zmitser Lupach, Budaunikou street used to look like a bog not a long time ago, there was no road at all. It was impossible to drive home through that mud.


At the moment ditches are being dug in order to remove water from the street which used to flood people’s courtyards. However, the national deputy contends that the authorities should fulfil the promise they gave three years ago and install a melioration system.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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