21.10.2009 16:57  |  English » News

Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs came to Belarus as a head of the delegation of 30 businessmen in order to open the Estonian Embassy at the territory of our country, and to conduct a series of meetings with official authorities and representatives of democratic community.

The meeting with the leaders of Belarusian opposition took place yesterday in the hotel “Minsk”. Among the participants there were Paval Sevyarynec, Aliaksei Shein, Anatol Liabedzka, Stanislau Shushkevich, Artur Finkevich, Zmicer Dashkevich and others.

The meeting was dedicated to discussion of political situation in Belarus in view of the upcoming decision which is to be taken by the European Union with regard to Belarus, issues of freedom and independence in the country. Representatives of Belarusian Christian Democracy turned the attention of the Minister towards the situation with non-registration of the party and prohibition to conduct the Founding Assembly on a normal basis.

Urmas Paet informed the leaders of the opposition about the results of the meeting of ministers of foreign affairs of the Baltic States and Benelux States, which took place in Vilnius recently. According to the Minister, the main element in the European policy towards Belarus is to find a balance between the wish of European Union to make our country democratic and the possibilities that the official authorities give at the moment.

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