Authorities suggest Dzianis Sadouski should set up cooperative society to construct garages

10.07.2010 01:51  |  English » News

National deputy from the BCD and the party’s secretary Dzianis Sadouski has received an official reply to his appeal to the administration of the Frunzensky district. The appeal urged the local authorities to construct car parks and parking spaces for the residents of Kuntsauschyna district in Minsk. However, instead of building car parks, the officials suggested Dzianis Sadouski an idea of establishing a cooperative society that would itself construct garages for those people.


The appeal was signed by more than 150 people who live in the area. Dzianis Sadouski collected these signatures during the regional election campaign. Let us remind you that, the secretary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy was running for Minsk city council deputy at that time.


 Dzianis Sadouski comments on the authorities’ suggestion: “Unfortunately, instead of using their power to solve people’s problems, the authorities are again trying to evade responsibility and place it on ordinary citizens. But I will keep insisting on the rights of the residents of my district”.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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