BCD activist fined 875 thousand rubles ($291)

24.07.2010 01:02  |  English » News

Valentina Kismeroshkina, judge at the Pershamayski district court, found Ales Halavan guilty of illegal print media distribution and fined him $291.


The precedent happened on 4 May. Ales Halavan says he was detained in Budaunikou avenue where he was handing out printed materials produced by the BCD. At first the police refused to draw up a charge sheet at the police station, because they had noticed that bulletins “Vesnik” and “Belarusian Christian Democracy” had appropriate publishing data. Nevertheless all the printed materials were confiscated allegedly in order to investigate their contents.


On 8 June it became known that the charge sheet for illegal print media distribution had been drawn and directed to court. But Ales Halavan has not received a summons for his court trial. Therefore he was absolutely astonished when a postman brought him the court verdict, according to which the BCD activist must pay a 291 dollar fine. Moreover, the confiscated bulletins will not be given back to their owner.

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