Police threaten: Testify against BCD activist or go to jail

05.08.2010 01:42  |  English » News

A resident of Vitsebsk has been intimidated by the police and forced to sign an official complaint in which he accuses BCD activist Ales Halavan of giving the police false information concerning a crime.


On 4 August Ales Halavan was summoned by the police to come and see the mugger who attacked and robbed the activist three years ago, taking away his mobile phone and the passport. The offender pleaded guilty, not denying the fact that he really robbed Mr Halavan. He also confessed that the police had put pressure on him and made him write that formal complaint against Ales Halavan, charging him with misleading the police by reporting a crime that had never happened.


“The man said that some police officers came to his place and ordered him to write a statement against me. The police officers threatened to throw him to jail in case he refused to testify against me”, said Ales Halavan while being interviewed by the press-centre of the BCD. The activist says that, although the threat was announced during the interrogation, it is was not reflected in the minutes.


In addition, Mr Halavan remarked that, while interrogating him the investigator also mentioned that his case was being considered “at the high level” and that those people in power would decide whether to close it or not. The investigator asked the activist where he was going to stay in the near future and promised to summon him to the next interrogation.


Ales Halavan is a broadly known young activist from the BCD. He has been many times detained by the police for spreading various print materials. Members of the BCD are convinced that the authorities are trying to isolate this activist on the eve of the presidential elections.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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