Council of Minsk national deputies plans its campaigns for near future

06.08.2010 22:28  |  English » News

The first expanded sitting of the Council of Minsk national deputies has recently taken place. It was attended by the representatives of different democratic forces operating in the city of Minsk.


The coordinator of the Council, Dzianis Sadouski, says that the participants discussed the campaigns which could be carried out in Minsk. The activists also shared their experience of dealing and working closely with local people.


The national deputies decided to focus on such problems as the quality of drinking water, the functioning of the public transport and the demolition of private houses. During the second sitting of the Council on 9 September the activists are going to draw up a detailed final plan of the campaigns that they are going to run for the purpose of solving these problems.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy


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