BCD activist detained

10.08.2010 00:54  |  English » News

Mikalai Bausyuk, leader of the BCD branch in the Hrodna region was detained on 8 August in the morning. The police confiscated his newspapers and leaflets.


Mikalai Bausyuk was detained at a bus station immediately after he had arrived in Hrodna and  got off his bus. The activist was returning home from Minsk, carrying 50 units of the party newspaper, called Krynitsa, 50 printed election programmes of Vital Rymasheuski, presidential aspirant from the BCD, and 70 blank forms for collecting signatures under the appeal to preserve St. Joseph Church in Minsk and return it to Catholic believers.


According to Mr Bausyuk, he was brought to a police station, where they seized all of his print materials for the alleged purpose of examining them and drew up a charge sheet. The activist was then released.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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