Vital Rymasheuski on tour of Brest region

24.08.2010 02:20  |  English » News

Presidential aspirant Vital Rymasheuski is soon going to finish his tour of the Brest region, where he is currently meeting with local members of the Belarusian Christian Democracy for the purpose of preparing his election campaign.


On 22 August Vital Rymasheuski had meetings with party activists from Brest and Kobryn. On 23 August the presidential aspirant held a similar meeting in Baranavichy.


During these meeting the politician presents his election programme to BCD activists, priests and entrepreneurs who come to listen to him. They also discuss various issues connected with the development of the local branches of the BCD as well as some other issues related to the activities of the party.


The meetings in Kobryn and Brest were held in private flats. Zmitser Shurhai is the coordinator of the BCD in the Brest region. He says that they initially tried to rent conference halls in local hotels. At first they were even allowed to hold these meeting in the Belarus Hotel.


“First, the administration of the hotel agreed to let their premises to us. We even started negotiating about the exact amount to be paid for the rent. However, when they got to know that their conference hall would be used for a meeting with a potential presidential candidate, they immediately changed their mind and refused to deal with us. The same story happened everywhere in Brest”, says Zmitser Shurhai.


 Vital Rymasheuski also delivered a speech at the educational conference organized for the regional leaders of the BCD living in the Brest region. The conference took place in Kobryn on 21-22 August.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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