BCD not given premises for its pre-election conference

06.09.2010 22:02  |  English » News

On 3 September Secretary of the BCD Dzianis Sadouski received six more letters stating that his request to let public premises to the party, so that it can hold its pre-election conference, has been turned down.


Let us remind you that the Belarusian Christian Democracy is going to hold its pre-election conference and the founding congress on the 12th of September in Minsk. This will be the third attempt of the BCD to become a registered party. In 2009 the Belarusian Christian Democracy held two founding congresses; however the Ministry of Justice groundlessly refused to register the party.


Dzianis Sadouski sent request letters to 14 institutions, asking them to rent out their premises to accommodate the above mentioned events. On 2 September he received a refusal from the Palace of the Republic, on the next day – from the Central cinema, the Palace of culture “Sukno”, the Aurora cinema, the Palace of culture of railwaymen, the Belarusian House of writers and the Republican Art Gallery.


“The cinemas told us that our event had nothing to do with cinematography, the House of writers, the Palace of culture “Sukno” and the Palace of culture of railwaymen replied that their halls would be occupied on 12 September, the art gallery is now being refurbished”, said Dzianis Sadouski.


The registration of the BCD is not the only issue that will be raised during the conference. Its participants are also going to discuss and approve the party’s election strategy for the upcoming presidential campaign. Besides, they are to make a final decision regarding the BCD’s presidential candidate.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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