BCD activist Kastus Zhukouski, beaten by Prime Ministers bodyguards, declares hunger strike

18.09.2010 22:47  |  English » News

Homel coordinator of the BCD Kastus Zhukouski was detained yesterday in the Petrykau district and then beaten up by the police and Prime Minister Syarhei Sidorski’s bodyguards. The activist received a craniocerebral trauma and was brought to the local hospital, where he declared a hunger strike the next morning.


The police detained Kastus Zhukouski, who is the leader of the Homel branch of the BCD, on 17 September around 1 p.m. in the village of Lyaskavichy. Mr Zhukouski was on his way to an ethnographic festival, called “The Call of Palesse”.


The activist was detained by police officers Maksim Marozinka and Alyaksandr Naumik. After his detention, Kastus Zhukouski had to spend five hours at the local police station and was later sentenced to three days in jail. However, the press-centre of the BCD lost connection with him while he was being transported to the District Police Department. A few hours later we got to know that Mr Zhukouski was in the surgery department of the local hospital with a craniocerebral trauma.


According to Kastus Zhukouski, he was attacked and beaten up by Prime Minister Sidorski’s bodyguards.


Larysa Shchyrakova, activist of the BCD from Homel, says that Prime Minister Syarhei Sidorski has come to the village of Lyaskavichy today in order to participate in the festival. She believes, the authorities decided to get rid of Kastus Zhukouski for that very reason.


The injured activist has gone on a hunger strike.


Press-centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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