BCD chairs Association of Christian Democrats of Eastern Europe

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BCD chairs Association of Christian Democrats of Eastern Europe


The Association of Christian Democrats of Eastern Europe held a conference on 17-18 September. The conference took place in Minsk and had been organized by the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM), the leaders of the Association and the leaders of the BCD.


The participants of the conference discussed the prospects for development of Christian Democracy in Eastern Europe.


As a result of the conference, the Association approved the Declaration of values, which is meant to unite Christian Democrats in the post-Soviet countries.


These are the values, declared at the conference:


- Every human being was created by God in His image and likeness. All people are born as free individuals, who are equal before God and have their own dignity. The highest goal of human life is serving other people. Every person has certain duties and bears responsibility before God and society.


- Human life and freedom are God’s gifts. The right to life from conception until natural death and the right to liberty are fundamental rights and must be granted to everyone.


- Christian moral principles, expressed in God’s commandments, should be the foundation of every human life, every society and state. Nevertheless, we respect other religions and stand for every person’s right to enjoy freedom of conscience.


- Family, created as a result of marriage between a man and a woman, is the foundation of every healthy society. Men and women are equal before God and the law.


- Religious and moral upbringing is the key to forming a moral person and society.


- State and society must create equal opportunities for all people to realize their potential and fulfil their calling. Every state should serve its citizens, but not vice versa.


- Private property is the foundation of a person’s economic freedom. Socially oriented economy is the basis of economic development.


- State authority should be based on democratic principles. State authority, as well as units of local self-government, should be a well-balanced system of restraints and counterweights with the balance between power and responsibility. State should not interfere into those spheres of life, where people are able to solve their problems independently.


- Every person, society and state are obliged to do their best to retain peace, protect the environment and ensure the supremacy of the law. They should stand for justice and stability in social life, politics and economy. Fighting against corruption in all its forms and at all levels of power is one of our main priorities.


- Our goal is to implement these values in our societies. Our aim is to make sure our countries develop as democratic, law-abiding and socially oriented states, which can guarantee the European standards of living to every citizen.


During the conference the Estonian Christian Democrats joined the Association officially. There were a lot of famous people among the guests, including some representatives of the Christian Union party of the Netherlands, chairman of the European Christian Political Movement Peter Vosu, some members of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, members of the Christian Democratic Union Volodymyr Stretovich and Oksana Bilozir, deputy speaker of the Georgian Parliament Levan Vepkhvadze, who is also one of the leaders of the Christian Democratic movement.


The Belarusian Christian Democracy will chair the Association in the course of a year. Co-chairman of the BCD Alaksiej Shein was elected chairman of the Association for this year.


The Association of Christian Democrats of Eastern Europe was established a year ago in Armenia.


Press centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy


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