Vital Rymasheuski meets with Lithuanian members of parliament

18.10.2010 23:00  |  English » News

Presidential candidate from the BCD Vital Rymasheuski has recently made a trip to Lithuania in order to have a number of meetings with some members of the Lithuanian Parliament and representatives of the Homeland Union. This Christian Democratic party is currently governing in Lithuania.


During Mr Rymasheuski’s meeting with Emanuelis Zingeris, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament, the politicians discussed the future cooperation between the Belarusian Christian Democracy and the Parliament of Lithuania. They also considered the ways, in which the Lithuanian Parliament can support democracy in Belarus. They paid their particular attention to the ongoing presidential campaign in Belarus, the issue of registration of the BCD by the Ministry of Justice and repressions against the founders of the party and the members of Vital Rymasheuski’s initiative group. Emanuelis Zingeris promised to raise the issue of persecutions of BCD activists at the international level. Hieorhi Dzmitruk is among those under pressure. The authorities instituted a criminal case against him in May 2010. It happened right after the regional elections.


During his trip Mr Rymasheuski had a meeting with representatives of the governing Christian Democratic party called the Homeland Union. The sides discussed their plans for cooperation in the next year.


Vital Rymasheuski says: “I am fully satisfied with the results of this trip. I was happy to meet those few members of the Lithuanian Parliament, who started their political activity in the time of the legendary Sajudis independence movement. These people understand the situation in our country perfectly well, because they have experience of fighting for independence and democracy in Soviet times. Lithuanian members of parliament promised to support democracy in our country in every possible way.


Press centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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