Vital Rymasheuski meets with leader of CDU Ronald Pofalla

03.11.2010 03:32  |  English » News

On 3 October, presidential contender from the BCD Vital Rymasheuski is going to meet with Secretary General of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany Ronald Pofalla. Mr Rymasheuski will be accompanied by some other representatives of the centre-right democratic forces.


The participants of the meeting are going to discuss the upcoming presidential elections in Belarus, the registration of the BCD, the unity of the Belarusian centre-right forces as well as some other issues.


It is quite remarkable that many European politicians have recently shown a lot of interest in Belarus. Yesterday Belarus was visited by two high-profile European diplomats: Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski and Foreign Minister of Germany Guido Westerwelle. They met with both the authorities and several opposition democratic candidates for presidency including Vital Rymasheuski.


According to Mr Rymasheuski, all the opposition candidates who attended the meeting were unanimous in their judgment about the upcoming ‘elections’ in Belarus. Vital Rymasheuski informed the diplomats about the recent crackdown on some members of his initiative group. He also told them about the pressure that believers have to face in Belarus. Moreover, the participants of the meeting discussed the regime’s refusal to register the BCD. In addition, they talked about the fact that none of the democratic candidates can appeal to people via the state-owned mass media. The ministers declared that they would firmly demand of the Belarusian authorities to adhere to democratic standards and norms during these presidential elections.


The same issues will be raised during the upcoming meeting between Vital Rymasheuski and Ronald Pofalla.

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