Police looking for member of Rymasheuskis team from Mahilyou.

24.11.2010 23:55  |  English » News

Valyantsin Labachou is a Young Front member and a member of Vital Rymasheuski’s initiative group from Mahilyou. He informs that on 23 November his mother received a phone call from a strange man. The caller said he was a police officer named Artur Balotnikau who worked at police station nr 12 in Mahilyou.


Mr Balotnikau told the woman he was looking for her son and enquired about his whereabouts. The policeman warned Valyantsin Labachou’s mother that her son must not go to Minsk on 24 November. He also threatened that otherwise the activist would have serious problems. Mr Balotnikau highlighted that the KGB was keeping an eye on all the democratic activists.


Let us remind you that, on 24 November the democratic forces held a rally in Minsk on Kastrychnitskaya Square to mark the anniversary of the referendum which Lukashenka conducted in 1996 in order to overturn the Belarusian Constitution and establish a dictatorship.


Vital Rymasheuski encouraged all the people who are concerned about their country’s future to come to Kastrychnitskaya Square on 24 November at 6 p.m.


Press centre of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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