Vital Rymasheuski and President of European Parliament discuss presidential campaign in Belarus

02.12.2010 23:43  |  English » News

On 1 December, presidential candidate for the BCD Vital Rymasheuski met with Jerzy Buzek, President of the European Parliament. During their meeting the politicians discussed the stand of the European Union on the situation in Belarus as well as the course of the presidential elections.


“I asked the leaders of the European Parliament to be firm and uncompromising in their relations with the Belarusian authorities. During this election campaign there is a real chance to see true democratic changes in our country, but the authoritarian regime is only trying to imitate democracy. Now the regime has led itself to the dead end, so it needs money from the European Union and its support in order to stay in power a little longer”, says Mr Rymasheuski.


While speaking to the leaders of the European Parliament, the presidential candidate for the BCD highlighted that Belarus was facing two hazards at a time: the danger of losing the country’s sovereignty becoming part of the Russian Federation, and the danger of legitimizing Lukashenka’s authoritarian regime in the West. While talking to the President of the European Parliament Vital Rymasheuski underscored that both these alternatives are equally dangerous and unacceptable for our country.


In response to that EP President Jerzy Buzek assured Mr Rymasheuski that the European Parliament was carefully monitoring the situation in Belarus. He also promised that future relations between the EU and Belarus would totally depend on the level of transparency and fairness of the current election campaign in our country.


Vital Rymasheuski’s press centre

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