Vital Rymasheuski visits Baranavichy and Kobryn

14.12.2010 23:47  |  English » News

On 13 December, presidential candidate for the BCD Vital Rymasheuski held a few meetings with voters in Baranavichy and Kobryn.


Over 70 people came to the meeting in Baranavichy which took place in the Officers’ Club. Head of Mr Rymasheuski’s campaign headquarters Paval Sieviarynets says that there were a lot of local propagandists at the meeting. So, the meeting turned out to be tense, but nevertheless it was rather fruitful. 30 participants of the meeting subscribed to the newsletter issued by the BCD.


In Kobryn the meeting went smoothly. The atmosphere was warm and friendly. It was attended by 77 people, 18 of them subscribed to the party’s newsletter.


On 14 December, Mr Rymasheuski’s proxies Paval Sieviarynets and Hieorhi Dzmitruk conducted a meeting in Zhabinka in the local House of Culture.


At 6 p.m. Vital Rymasheuski held a big meeting in Brest in the House of Culture belonging to the local trade unions. This meeting was attended by 250 people. 48 of them became members of the BCD.


On 15 December, the candidate for presidency is going to visit Mahilyou, whereas Paval Sieviarynets is going to Voranava, Iuye and Navahrudak.


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