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During the press conference which the Belarusian Christian Democracy held on 27 December, the party’s Executive Secretary, Dzianis Sadouski, summarized the presidential campaign of the BCD and made some statements concerning the election process and the tragic events which happened immediately after the elections and resulted in acts of violence against the peaceful demonstrators and numerous arrests of opposition activists.


In the course of the presidential campaign activists of the BCD managed to distribute over a million units of printed campaign materials promoting their candidate for presidency Vital Rymasheuski. Moreover, the party held 68 meetings with voters in Minsk and all over Belarus. As a result of this work about two thousand people joined the party.


However, the Belarusian Christian Democracy faced heavy pressure and numerous obstacles created by the authorities. They did everything possible to hinder the party from producing its campaign materials, refused to provide the BCD with premises for holding its meetings with voters, sent their provocateurs to disrupt these meetings. In addition, every day the authorities detained members of Vital Rymasheuski’s campaign headquarters or seized printed materials.


However, despite all this the leaders of the BCD believe that the party’s participation in the election campaign was a success. And they state that the poll and the counting of votes was only a parody of the electoral process.


“The fact that 24 per cent of all the participants of our meetings with the presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski or his representatives became members of the BCD proves a great support for Vital Rymasheuski and the ideas of Christian Democracy. While delivering his TV address and speaking on the radio Mr Rymasheuski gave a telephone number for feedback communication. In the course of the whole campaign we received more than a thousand phone calls from people willing to express their support or join the party. The results of the elections, announced by Lidziya Yarmoshyna, head of the Central Elections Commission, testify that the elections were totally rigged. And the election campaign itself also proves this fact”, said Dzianis Sadouski.


Therefore, according to Dzianis Sadouski, people took part in the peaceful mass rally on 19 December in order to protest against the election fraud and it was their constitutional right. The organizers of the mass demonstration repeatedly emphasized that the rally would be absolutely peaceful.


The BCD blames the provocateurs from the security service for the massacre performed by riot police, in which hundreds of defenseless unarmed men and women were brutally beaten and received serious injuries. Vital Rymasheuski put all his efforts into stopping the provocateurs when they were breaking the glass doors of the Government Headquarters, but in response he was badly beaten up and needed medical aid, but even in that condition he made an appeal to the protesters calling them to protect the Government Headquarters from the provocateurs.


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