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- First of all, the result of summit in Brussels for Belarus is the decision of the Council of the European Union on Belarus affairs that introducing of sanctions and their temporary suspension should be prolonged for another year.This decision is the only correct one for Belarus, - stated Paval Sieviarynets in his interview to the press-center of BCD - This decision first of all stresses the fact that the democratic changes taking place in Belarus are unsufficient. Secondly, it provides the regime with a possibility to change the situation. The mentioned situation with non-registration of political parties, with political prisoners, with electoral legislation - this is yet another reminder to the authorities which issues should be solved according to the expectations of the European Union.


The resolution of the European Parliament which is to be taken next week in Strasbourg, detalizes these requirements. We looked through the project of the mentioned resolution: among others there are requirements to register the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" and solve the situation with the church "New Life".


Apart from the above, we had a meeting with the directive board of the European Peoples' Party, delegation on Belarus affairs, directive boards of the biggest fractions of the European Parliament.


The Co-Chairmen of BCD received invitations to the Congress of the European Peoples' Party in Bonne.


The question of decreasing the costs for visas for Belarusians was also discussed. This important issue is in progress. Now there are negotiations with regard to the suggestion to decrease the costs from 60 to 35 euros. Several meetings conducted earlier finally start to give results: europeans and official authoriuties proceeded to solving this issue.


We also informed the European deputies and the leaders of the European Parliament about the repressions on BCD founder, which are currently taking place in Belarus.

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