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- The fact that the issue of registration of the BCD was included into the resolution of the Congress of the EPP is very important and symbolic for the Belarusian democratic society, - stated Vital Rymasheuski in his interview to the press-center of the BCD. – We conducted a series of meetings with the leaders of the EPP, and all of them were interested in the issue of registration of our party in Belarus. I would like to stress that practically all the political elite of Europe tends to Christian values, and it gives serious grounds to wait for a certain impulse in development of the Christian democracy and its increase not only in the Western Europe, but in the Eastern Europe as well. We felt very comfortable at the Congress as the majority of EPP members are Christian democrats, which means our confederates, and it was very easy to find understanding and agree to cooperation.


Vital Rymasheuski underlined that: “we were assured at the highest level that the question of the BCD entering the EPP with an observer status will not depend on whether the party is registered or not by the Belarusian authorities”.


Alongside with that, the Co-Chairman of the BCD stated that the leaders of the EPP know the situation with pressure on the BCD activists.


- So those Belarusians who are now representing the authorities and think that European politicians can be easily fooled, are mistaken.


The situation with EURO-NEST PA, namely, with the Belarusian representativeness in the Eastern Partnership PA, became clearer.


- Now the working group of  EURO-NEST is considering several variants of Belarusian participation in the program. Fortunately, by now the position that the work of the Assembly will be impossible without participation of the Belarusian opposition prevails. We think that the program should involve the forces which have real political importance in the country.


According to Vital Rymasheuski, after the EPP Congress it can be said that “we have good confederates – the Christian democrats of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine”.


- I consider that Christian democracy for Eastern Europe is a chance to respond to the challenges of dictatorship and post-communism. That is why it is the only chance for real essential changes in the society, in such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, other participants of the Eastern Partnership, and even Russia.


We remind, that the Belarusian Christian Democracy at the European People’s Party Congress in Bonne was represented by the Co-Chairmen Vital Rymasheuski, Alaksiej Shein and Heorhi Dzmitruk.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

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