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At the Founding Congress on October 31 the Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Alaksiej Shein stated that, to his opinion, the main task for the BCD now is active involvement of new believers, new energetic people who would carry out the ideas of Christian Democracy, into the activity of the party. That is why he conducted systematic work with churches and believers of different Christian denominations during the last 1,5 months.


“The work is mostly directed to conveying the idea of social responsibility in the society to the believers. I try to convince the believers that now it’s not the time for fear. It was much more difficult in the Soviet times, but the believers did not fear to struggle for Christian values and resist to communism. Now it’s time to resist to injustice and lies openly and bravely. That is why I actively disseminate the CD with a documentary “The Forbidden Christ” (author and director – Alaksiej Shein). The documentary depicts about the harassment of Protestant churches in the times of BSSR. I also disseminate the book “A Christian and the Society”, which gives the Christians the vision of the fact that they should be active in social and political life. The Newspaper “Vesnik” (“Herald”) is also issued.

I am one of the organizers of the roundtable dedicated to the issues of interconfessional cooperation.”


Alaksiej Shein also underlined his input into adoption of the resolutions on Belarus by the European People’s Party and the European Parliament.


As one of the initiators of the above-mentioned resolutions, I consider that these documents directly put the Belarusian authorities before a certain choice. The issues of religious freedoms are included into the agenda of negotiations with official authorities of Belarus. If the authorities take a step towards the churches, legalize the legislation in the sphere of religion, stop the pressure on churches, the Belarusian believers would sense it straightaway.


Press-center of the Belarusian Christian Democracy


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