Dmitruk Heorhi, Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy

̲  ,  ̲ , Dmitruk Heorhi Ramanavich was born on April 16, 1968 in a family with 7 children in the city of Kobrin. Nationality Belarusian. Mother dentist, father -carpenter.  

Finished school No. 7 of the city of Kobrin in 1985, then entered and successfully graduated from Vitsebsk secondary medical school with the specialization of a dental mechanist. Was sent via student distribution to the zone which suffered from the Chernobyl Atomic Plant catastrophe (Stolin). In 1987-1989 conducted military service in the Soviet Army in the Far East military region. Upon return to the native city Kobrin worked in the dental hospital.


Since the year 1992 became the head of the external economic department of Inter-regional manufacturing commercial unification "Aviaprom. Since the year 1993 worked as a general director of the manufacturing commercial company partnership limited by shares "Omega Since the year 2001- general director of IE "Omega-serviceof the corporation "Textile Omega Inc. Since the year 2005  - director of the Foreign Private Therapeutic Unitary Enterprise "Belhigon United".

Economist. Graduated from Belarusian State Economical University,

faculty: "International Economic Relations".

Chairman of the Republican Civic unification "Christian Business Initiative. Member of the Council of the European Association "Europartners (Switzerland) and the World Association of Support of Enterpreneurship "".

Participant of the economic forums in Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Germany.

Speals fluent English. Experienced leader. Civic activist. Christian. Married. Has 5 children. Lives permanently in the city of Kobrin. Since the moment of revival of the belarusian Christian Democracy in the year 2005 has been a Co-Chairman of the organizational committee. Elected as a Co-Chairman of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy at the founding Assembly on February 28, 2009.