Sadouski Dzianis, Executive secretary

Ρʲ Ρʲ Born on June 11, 1983 in Minsk.






-       Minsk Institute of Management, specialization - economist (2006).


-       Minsk automobile construction college (2002), specialization economist-marketing specialist.


Professional activity:


-       Executive secretary of the organizational committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy.


-       Member of the Belarusian Association of journalists (BAJ), freelance journalist.


Civic activity:


-       Organizer of the fighting against occultism campaign (December 2007 - 2008), as a result of which the state forbade advertising of occultism in the mass media.


-       One of the coordinators of the campaign in defense of the right for the freedom of conscience (March 2007 - May 2008). During the campaign more that 50 thousand people signed for changing of the law "On Freedom of Conscience, which violates the rights of Christians in Belarus.


-       One of the organizers of the campaign "Repentance (2007), dedicated to honouring the memory of the victims of mass repressions in the 70th anniversary of the peak of Stalins repressions.


-       Organizer of a series of local campaigns at Frunzenski district, dedicated to rising of the life level and improving of conditions of living in the district.


Experience of work in the electoral campaigns:


-       Active member of the staff of A. Milinkevich in the presidential campaign in the year 2006.


-       Candidate to the local deputy council at the elections in 2007.




-       Healthy style of life.


-       Sports (football).


-               Fishing.