“Right to Choose-15” reports on the presidential elections in Belarus

22 кастрычніка 2015 21:11  |  News

"Right to Choose-15" reports on the presidential elections in Belarus

The Belarusian Christian Democracy Party contributed to the effective work of the “Right to Choose-2015” campaign.

Christian Democrats and BCD supporters observed the process of the presidential elections in Belarus at 174 polling stations across the country; it means that appr. 400 observers were provided by the party, as at least 2 observers worked at every polling station during preliminary voting and more people joined during the voting day on 11 October 2015. Mr. Dzianis Sadouski, BCD executive secretary, was one of the national coordinators of the campaign.

The partners of the BCD were Belarusian People’s Front (90 polling stations), the Party of Freedom and Progress (13 polling stations), Belarusian Social ¬Democratic Party “Gramada” (BSDP¬G, 91 polling stations), non¬governmental organization “For Freedom” Movement (95 polling stations), “Tell the Truth!” Civic Campaign (111 polling stations), “The Greens” party, Belarusian Trade Union of Radio¬Electronic Industry (REP, 88 polling stations).

The preliminary final report of the campaign and the recommendations can be viewed here.

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