Christian Democratic Movement denied registration

27 студзеня 2016 13:16  |  News

Christian Democratic Movement denied registration

The nationwide public association “Christian Democratic Movement” (CDM) was founded in Minsk on 14 November 2015. Ms. Volha Kavalkova, lawyer and coordinator of several national campaigns, was elected as chairperson of the movement. Christian Democrats of Belarus implement numerous public campaigns for the improvement of conditions and quality of life of the inhabitants of our country. Registration of an association would very much improve the conditions of their work, as in Belarus activities of unregistered organisations fall under the article 193.1 of the Criminal Code.

However, the current Belarusian authorities did not pass this test for liberalization. In January 2016 the Ministry of Justice denied registration of the CDM on the reason “that it wants to protect rights and interests of the Belarusian citizens”. There is no logic in formulations of the Ministry, as it is mainly reflects the position of the regime in Belarus to stop all uncontrolled public activities.

The CDM, however, will continue its campaigns to make the life of Belarusians better, such as reducing the effects of alcoholic catastrophe and promoting the Belarusian language and culture in educational institutions.

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