Belarusian centre-right opposition joins forces in a historic move before 2016 elections

11 снежня 2015 13:25  |  News

Belarusian centre-right opposition joins forces in a historic move before 2016 elections

The centre-right Belarusian opposition forces presented for the first time on 18 November a joint cooperation agreement to stand united in the 2016 parliamentary elections expected to take place no later than September.

Following this historic step, the Belarusian political and civic leaders from the United Civil Party, which is an EPP observer member party, the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, and the Belarus Movement for Freedom were welcomed at the EPP Political Assembly on 10-11 December in Brussels and presented details about their plans.

“A consolidated and functioning opposition is the only democratic political force that can give the Belarusian people a voice and offer the freedom they deserve. The EPP family stands proudly with and is committed to the initiative of the centre-right forces of Belarus in ensuring that the next parliamentary elections may bring a new sense of hope to its citizens and put in place the basis for a democratic and free state,” said EPP President Joseph Daul.

The EPP President has also encouraged the Belarusian centre-right partners to continue building on this agreement, to broaden it, and to strengthen the cooperation among the centre-right forces, so as to encompass all of them.

“The Belarusian opposition has been endlessly harassed and oppressed over the years, but they have continued to tirelessly fight for democracy and human rights. I welcome the agreement that brings together the three opposition centre-right forces. This is just the start of a journey that was long overdue. We must now, more than ever, show support and solidarity with the Belarusian opposition that remains the hope for a democratic and European Belarus,” said Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, EPP Vice-President and Chairman of the EPP EURONEST Group.

Source: EPP

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