Assembly of People’s Representatives founded in Belarus

13 кастрычніка 2016 10:39  |  News

Assembly of People's Representatives founded in Belarus

On 6 October 2016 in Minsk the Assembly of Peoples’ Representatives was founded with participation of the candidates from the Center-right coalition (Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, United Civil Party, “For Freedom” Movement) in the parliament elections 2016 and the actual member of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Hanna Kanapatskaya representing the United Civil Party.

The Assembly adopted the Statement, which is saying in particular that:

“Belarus does not have a lawfully elected legitimate Parliament. All 110 deputies were appointed by the executive power. In this situation, the House of Representatives can not represent the people of Belarus both in domestic and international politics.

We declare our commitment to continue cooperation within the Center-right coalition in the future. As our priorities we consider:

– Informing the citizens about the malignancy of the authoritarian regime’s course and the alternative programmes for socio-economic and political development of Belarus,

– Conducting public campaigns in support of socio-economic and political reforms proposed by the Center-right coalition,

– Demanding the free elections in Belarus and preparing our activists to the local election campaign of 2017-2018.”

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