Show solidarity with Belarus on 25 March 2017!

22 сакавіка 2017 13:47  |  News

Show solidarity with Belarus on 25 March 2017!

Message from the Center-Right Coalition in Belarus:

Dear colleagues, partners, friends,

the continuous aggravation of the situation with human rights violations in Belarus, the deafness of the Belarusian regime to the voices of the citizens and international appeals, forces us to turn to you with the following request (see below).

Yesterday, 21 March 2017, after Lukashenka’s statement that “about 20 armed militants who were planning “an armed provocation” in Belarus had been apprehended” ( the Belarusian police started to arrest people, who were not connected to the mass protests against the Decree No. 3, but who could be accused of preparing such an armed provocation ( in Belarusian) on 25 March 2017, when the celebrations of the Freedom Day are planned to take place in Minsk and regional centers. We expect that the Belarusian authorities will organise more provocations in order to discredit the rising people’s protest movement.

In order to prevent more violence and to draw the attention to the repressions in Belarus, we are asking you to stand with the Belarusian people in your words and in your actions.

An effective action of solidarity to show solidarity are protest pickets at the Belarusian embassies, which can take place on 25 March 2017 at 14.00 (FET, UTC+03:00) in your countries against the violence of the Belarusian police, unlawful court sentences to the democratic leaders and activists, and simple peaceful protesters, and humiliating condition of prisoners. This is the time when the Freedom Day celebration will start in Minsk. Please, use this opportunity of living in democratic countries in order to help us build democracy in our home.

The number of prisoners, detainees and those who received fines is now more than 250! Here is the list of cases in Belarusian
You will find the links to the websites of the Belarusian embassies is here

We hope for a clear and strong response of the international democratic community to the crackdown in Belarus!

Antanina Kavaleva,
Deputy Chairwoman of the United Civil Party

Dzianis Sadouski,
Executive secretary of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Party

Halina Skarakhod
First Deputy Chairwoman of the Movement “For Freedom”

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