Seviarynets in prison; Huge fines for Rymasheuski

06 красавіка 2017 10:46  |  News

Seviarynets in prison; Huge fines for Rymasheuski 
On 31 March 2017 BCD co-chairman, Pavel Seviarynets, was sentenced to 10 days of administrative arrest. He will also stand trial on 10 March for the action in support of those arrested on “rioting” case in front of the KGB office in Minsk, which took place on 31 March.
The court decisions for Vital Rymasheuski, BCD co-chairman, on 4 and 5 March resulted in two fines – 1075 Euro in total – for participation in the peaceful protests in Minsk in March 2017. 
Anatoly Liabedzka, UCP leader, was also fined for 575 Euro.

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