Paval Sevyarynec informed the Belarusians of the Baltics about the activity of the Belarusian Christian democracy

08 верасня 2009 15:52  |  News

The 4th Assembly of he Belarusians of the Baltics took place in Vilnius last weekend. The event was attended by the famous politicians and civic activists: Zianon Pazniak, Mikalaj Statkevich, Aleh Trusau, the Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Paval Sevyarynec. The Assembly was opened by the Prome-minister of Lithuania Andrus Kubiljus.


– I would like to stress tha not only representatives of the Belarusian diaspore of the Baltic states participated in te Assemby – there were Belarusians from all over the world, – said Paval Sevyarynec to the press-service of BChD. –In my report I informed the participants of the Assembly about the ativity of the Christian democrats in Belarus. 


Paval Sevyarynec stated that the role of Lithuanian direction in Belarusian political life is increasing.On September 14 the visit to Vilnius of the delegation of Belarusian opposition is planned. On September 16 Lithuanian capital hosts Belarusian economic forum, organized by the official authorities of the country.


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