10 верасня 2009 15:53  |  News


On Setember 9 the church “New Life” received a new call to the court proceeding.This time the believers are sued by the  ЖРЭА of Maskouki district of Mensk with a demand to leave the building of the church immediately. The court hearing is to take place on September 21, said to the press-service of BChD the lawyer of the church “New Life” Siarhei Lukanin.


We remind, that in August the believers had already received the resolution of court to leave the building, however, the ourt executives had not completed their task, and now tey transferred it to the local ЖРЭА. To the opinion of Siarhei Lukanin, “…a new wave in this court case is connected with the fact that none of the interested state institutions wants to take responsibility for such cruel action as making believers leave their church.”


Nevertheless, the lawyer is convinced that the result of the new court hering will not be in favor of the believers of the church “New Life” again.


– Unfortunately, we do realize that the attitude of the authorities towards us is negative, and that the courts in Belarus are not independent. That is why, most likely, the hearing on September 21 will be a formal one.


At this time, in spite of the official transfer f the building to the city authorities, the services are held in the church “New Life” every day, several dozens of believers stay for night prayers.

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