23 верасня 2009 16:00  |  News

Young Christian Democrats conducted an action in Mensk. The action was held in the framework of the BChD campaign “For Independence!” 


The streamer saying “Belarus is not a range! Russians go home!” and a white-red-white flag were hung above Sverdlov street at 3.30 p.m. By this Young Christian Democrats wanted to attract the attention of the society to the presence of Russian troops at the territory of Belarus in the framework of military trainings “West-2009”, and also to declare their protest against involving Belarus into the sphere of military interests of  Russia.


The campaign “For Independence!” started at the beginning of the week and covers dozens of Belarusian cities and towns. Through this campaign Christian democrats remind the citizens that independence is the base of existence of our nation. They also state that there are factors threatening independence as inside, and outside the country.

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