30 верасня 2009 16:06  |  News

The member of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Ales Halavan was attacked by 5 people in the center of Vicebsk tonight. One of the attackers was luckily caught by the member of the Conservative Christian Party of the Belarusian Popular Front Siarhei Kavalenia. The caught attacker informed that the beating of Halavan was ordered by the representatives of the Vicebsk police as an act of revenge for the claim filed by Ales Halavan in the name of the head of Chyhunachny police department regarding the actions of his subordinates.


We remind that Halavan was detained for dissemination of bulletins “Pramen” (“Ray”) and “Krynica” (“Stream”), as well as other informational materials of BChD, on September 27. During his detention in the police department, the policemen behaved rudely, saying provocative things about the Belarusian language and his religious views. The BChD activist recalled all the insults in his claim. 


People who were beating Ales Halavan were saying that that was“best regards” from the head of the Kastrychnicky police department of Vicebsk Kalinouski and the executive officer responsible for mass events, Skrynovich, who works for the city administration. The activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy many times met with these officials during conducting of the street actions.


At present moment Ales Halavan is at the court medical examination. 

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