06 кастрычніка 2009 16:08  |  News

Youth Civic Unification “Good Will” conducted a roundtable on the topic “Belarusian Power Engineering: Nuclear and Alternative Way of Development” on Monday, October 5. Discussion of the above topic was held in connection with the perspective of construction of a new Nuclear Power Station in the Astravec district. The subject of discussion was the declaration of EIA (Environmental impact assessment), published by the directive board of construction of the nuclear power station. The Co-Chairman of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski participated in the work of the roundtable.


Belarusian Christian Democracy initiated conducting of the roundtable. “This roundtable is more of a consulting character for us as a party. The most important issue for us was economic efficiency of investing money in such a capital-intensive project. According to the results of the roundtable, we can state that it is not worthwhile to build a nuclear power station in Belarus in the present circumstances, because today the main principles of construction of such objects (openness, independent control) are violated. Professionalism of the builders and reliability of partners also raise doubt. Belarusian Christian Democracy does not exclude using of nuclear energy in future, but construction of the nuclear power station in Belarus today can lead to a new ecological catastrophe” – commented Vital Rymasheuski.


Among the participants of the roundtable there were authoritative specialists in the field of engineering, economics and biology, as well as the representatives of Christian Churches and civic unifications. We also waited for the representatives of the directive board of construction of the nuclear power station, but they ignored the event. During the discussion, statement about the EIA was criticized by all the specialists, including such famous scientists as doctor of technical sciences and academic of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus G.F.Lepin, doctor of biological sciences and academic of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus І.М. Nikitchanka, economist Т.А. Novikava. Candidate of technical sciences J.I. Shyrokau explained to everyone the advantages of the alternative way of development of Belarusian power engineering.


The participants of the roundtable admitted the necessity to show to the customer economical and ecological inexpediency of construction of the nuclear power station in Belarus, take part in the civic discussion of the project and go for “zero variant” as the most suitable for all the interested parties.


The results of the roundtable will become the basis of the power engineering program of BChD.

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