15 кастрычніка 2009 16:13  |  News

The directive board of the Belarusian Christian Democracy received refusals regarding conducting of the Founding Assembly of the party from almost all the halls in Mensk to which the Christian democrats addressed. The last one of 11 – the Small Hall of the Palace of Republic – keeps silence.


We remind that the requests for providing facilities for the Assembly were forwarded to the Palaces of Culture of Mensk Automobile Plant and Mensk Tractor Plant, “Sukno” and other organizations. After the first founding Assembly in February 2009 the Ministry of Justice refused to register the party “Belarusian Christian Democracy”.


The leader of BChD Paval Sevyarynec commented the situation as follows:


– In case the authorities do not provide us a room for the Assembly of the Belarusian Christian Democracy on October 31, we will conduct the Assembly in front of the President’s Administration – at the Kastrychnickaya Square. We will invite all the delegates, guests, all the Christians and people who care to support us under the slogan “Freedom is where the Spirit of God is”.


The Belarusian Christian Democracy is ready to conduct the Assembly at the square. I think, that in view of the upcoming decision of the European Union regarding sanctions in Belarus, which is expected to be declared on November 16, the Assembly at the square would show a good example of the so-called liberalization.


We also plan to invite foreign guests and diplomats to the square.


Nearly 300 delegates and 400 guests are expected to participate in the Assembly. However, if the Assembly takes place at the square, than all the quantitative limitations will be gone, so the event will be attended by much more people.”


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