15 кастрычніка 2009 16:13  |  News

The Ministry of Justice returned the official fee paid by BChD for registration which was not carried out. 


One of the reasons for the court’s refusal to justify the registration of BChD was bureaucratic mess. The official fee was paid correctly, but was transferred to the wrong bank account, which was not the fault of BChD.  


– As we did not obtain registration, we decided not to give the money to the state and appealed to the Ministry of Justice asking to reimburse the official fee to us. 


After 2 weeks of consideration we received a positive reply from the Ministry and the Tax Inspection transferred 1 750 000 roubles to the account of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, – informed the executive secretary of BChD Dzianis Sadouski. 


We remind that BChD will conduct the second founding Assembly on October 31, and will file documents for registration again. 


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