16 кастрычніка 2009 16:14  |  News

The session of the Berascie region of the Belarusian Christian Democracy council took place on October 15 in Kobryn. Unfortunately, there was an unpleasant incident.


Nearly 40 people from Berascie, Kobryn, Ivacevichy, Ivanava and Baranavichy participated in the council. They discussed the issues of conducting of the Founding Assembly of BChD, Belarusian European Forum, and also elected the directive council of the Berascie region organization of Belarusian Christian Democracy. The directive council included 7 people, Zmicer Shukhrai became the head. 


The session of council was followed by the presentation of Paval Sevyarynec’s books “Love Belarus”, “Letters from Woods” and “The YoungFrontmen” (co-author – Nasta Palazhanka).  


Sadly, an unpleasant incident happened. During the work of the session, someone made holes in the tyres of the cars belonging to members of BChD from Baranavichy.  

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